So this is Christmas!

The concept is an over the top Christmas atmosphere, the perfect festive music, charming bartenders, holiday cheer, explosive decor, ugly Christmas jumpers and the perfect cocktails served in themed glasses. Christmas is not on Zoom this year! It’s at Boom Chicago! 

Twinkling lights, vintage garlands, artistic displays, paired with a soundtrack of holiday songs will put you in the holiday mood. The magically curated space will be home for shared experiences with friends and loved ones all season long. 

Boom Chicago co-founders Andrew and Saskia went to a Miracle pop-bar with friends in Los Angeles in 2019 and loved the experience. Now they’re bringing you the fun, warmth and cocktails to Boom Chicago. The pandemic may have cancelled Christmas in 2020, but this year we’re celebrating double! 

Joann Spiegel, the cocktail expert behind Miracle’s recipe creation, creates unique seasonal cocktails in playful mugs and glassware that play on classic holiday flavours. New this year is the Elfing Around cocktail as well as freshly updated and renewed recipes for the Jolly Koala, On Dasher, and SanTaRex.

Reserve a table

Amsterdam’s best Christmas Cocktail Bar opens this year at Boom Chicago. The season runs from November 25 to January 3. Untill 3 December the bar will close at 20:00!

The entrance is free or you can pay to guarantee your table. Bookings are €5 per person and tables are reserved for 90 minutes. Of course, you may stay longer (if there is availability) or just show up!

The bar is open every day from 16:00. Kids (and strollers) are welcome Saturday and Sunday 12:00 – 16:00 for special ‘mocktails.’ Moms and Dads should drink in the afternoon; we won’t tell Santa.