Line Up

Stephen Bell is making a name for himself so quickly that he is already at the head of a huge empire of clubs, shows and gigs. Critics describe him as a "force of nature" and "always bald", which must be a typo as he has a nice head of red hair.

Lara Ricote is one of the very best funny people in the comedy scene right now, which is unheard of for being so young. She's destined for bigger and more glorious things, so this could be one of the last times you can afford to see her in a small setting.

Sjoerd Scott is not a Dutchman or a Scot, as his name might suggest. He is an American with unusual teeth and a naturally uneasy relationship with his homeland. In recent years he has been a rising star in the Dutch comedy scene, but he is now noticed all over Europe and can be seen regularly at top nights like the Oosterpoke.

Sharon Em comes from the Emerald Isle (or: Ireland) where she developed a sparkling humour and matching stage personality. She runs her own sold-out comedy nights throughout the Netherlands and can be seen regularly at comedy festivals and shows in the UK. Sharon makes you laugh like you've just had 8 pints of Guinness, but without the mop and bucket.

In short: a spectacle not to be missed. Ticket sales have started and are going fast, so head over to the website quickly and get your tickets.