Warm, relaxed humor

After his acclaimed sold-out UK tours 'Winging It', 'Supersonic', 'Rollercoaster' and 'Sunshine' that have brought in nearly 2 million visitors across the UK and Ireland, John can't wait to show his warm, laid-back humor outside the UK.

John Bishop

Since entering the comedy scene in 2009, John has enjoyed huge success with a number of his own comedy, entertainment and documentary shows including 'John Bishop's Ireland' (ITV1), 'John Bishop's Australia' (BBC1 ), 'John Bishop's Britain' (BBC1); 'John Bishop's Only Joking' (Sky1); 'The John Bishop Show' (BBC1); 'The John Bishop Christmas Show' (BBC1) and 'John Bishop's Gorilla Adventure' (ITV1). More recently, he presented 'John Bishop's Ireland' for ITV1 and four episodes of 'John Bishop: In Conversation With…' (UKTV).