‘Blame It On Bianca Del Rio’ really spotlights the queen’s undeniable ability to sculpt jokes out of thin air just by observing her surroundings and the poor, unfortunate souls sitting close in the crowd.

Improv’ aside there also will be personal reflections on the current state of America, her experiences as a touring comedian, being recognised by fans and a rather biting Q&A session, giving curious attendees the chance to write Bianca a question and have it answered in front of the Theater Amsterdam crowd.

Bianca Del Rio, season 6 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, is a self-professed “clown in a gown.” This hilariously hateful comic is known for her foul mouth and unapologetic humor, but her victims hardly have time to feel the sting before she zips on to the next topic. Besides, Bianca is quick to point out that she’s the biggest joke of all. The NY Times calls her “The Joan Rivers of the Drag World,” and Joan Rivers herself called Bianca’s humor “So funny! So sharp!”