Rehearsel rooms

In P3 there are five rehearsal rooms for bands and individual musicians. The rehearsal rooms are rented out in blocks of 3 hours during the day and in the evening.

There is also a cozy bar to have a drink in between and after exercise. You can bring your laptop, there is wireless internet available in the cafe.

Every 3rd Thursday evening of the month there is a live music café, bands can sign up for this with Tom or Radboud.

Recently there is the possibility to get lessons in a real pop school! Look at for the range of lessons.

Organize an event

If you want to organize an event for your company,or a private event at a beautiful and inspiring location, P3 is the ideal host. P3 has various rooms that can be used both individually and in combination with each other. The attractive conference rooms offer unprecedented possibilities for parties, presentations, drinks and meetings.


For the program, please visit the P3 website. Tickets for P3 are available on the evening itself at the box office of P3 or in presale via the P3 website and Primera shops.