Simon & Garfunkel Revival Band

The Simon & Garfunkel Revival Band interprets the famous repertoire of Simon & Garfunkel in an inimitable way. They already managed to conquer the Dutch audience with their special sound that is almost indistinguishable from the original. All the great hits of Simon & Garfunkel will be played during this special concert that fans of this genre should not miss. The performance is therefore a true ode to the unique style and exceptional class of Simon & Garfunkel.

World famous evergreens

The quality of The Simon & Garfunkel Revival Band is exceptionally high. They approach the sound of the 'real' Simon & Garfunkel in a stunning way. It is not for nothing that fans have been flocking to their concerts for years. To give the group's performance in Het Concertgebouw extra cachet, an extra segment of strings is added to the band this time too, so that the world-famous evergreens of Simon and Garfunkel sound even more special. In combination with the special location, this makes the performance in Amsterdam an unforgettable experience.