Could it be even faster, more insane, more ecstatic? Yes, say the men of Schnellertollermeier. This Swiss trio doesn’t care about boundaries by genre and cooks up a dazzling mix of jazz, rock, minimal, avant-garde and electro. They call it ‘Experimental-Avant-Psych-Minimal’. Do you understand? The ancient triangle of bass, guitar and drums has been reinvented by Schnellertollermeier as a brutal and intoxicatingly beautiful, uncompromising groove animal. With their third album, X from 2015, bassist Andi Schnellmann, guitarist Manuel Troller and drummer David Meier broke through internationally – The Wall Street Journal even named X one of the best records of the year. In 2017, Rights was released, with the same explosive cocktail of complex, interlocking rhythms and an almost shamanic sense of groove. Occasionally the edge is taken off for a spacy break. But soon it goes Schnellertollermeier all over again.