About RY X

Australian singer-songwriter Ry Cuming, better known as RY X, is best known for the song Berlin . With that single he broke through in 2013, after which he sold out all over the world. RY X has already played in many special large venues, including Notre Dame in Paris and the Royal Albert Hall in London. In 2018 RY X played sold-out shows in Paradiso and in Carré with The Amsterdam Chamber Orchestra.


RY X made two studio albums entitled Dawn (2016) and Unfurl (2019) which both received excellent reviews. The sound of RY X has been compared to the likes of James Blake, Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver. "All in all, Unfurl seems like a pretty apt name for the album," Clash wrote of RY X's latest record. "The many layers unfold and wrap around you, like a warm blanket you wrap around you after surfing. .' In addition to his solo work, RY X is also known for the electronic side projects Howling (with producer Frank Wiedemann) and The Acid (with Adam Freeland, Steve Nalepa and Jens Kuross).

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