This New Year’s Eve special revolves around Circus Kagel, a musical theater production on Mauricio Kagel’s Variété. At the time Kagel called it ‘instrumental theater’ or to be more precise: ‘Konzerspektakel für Artisten und Musiker’. Tonight the stage is set like a circus, complete with daring acts and alienating circus music on different stages. With i.a. Asko|Schönberg, Tijn Wybenga, Loes Haverkort and her band LOUISV, Guus Janssen Trio, and a DJ to close out the night. Of course, there will be champagne and oliebollen with the best view of the city. Asko|Schönberg, Ensemble in Residence of the Muziekgebouw, Asko|Schönberg, is the leading ensemble of contemporary music. Respecting the 20th century legacy this internationally renowned ensemble is building repertoire of the future. Tonight, the ensemble plays Mauricio Kagels Variété – on faling acts and alienating circus music-,  reworked song from Frank Zappa, and more. Tijn Wybenga & AM.OK septet Somewhere between classical and jazz, improvisation and composed music you will find young composer, bandleader, and orchestrator Tijn Wybenga and his AM.OK (Amsterdam Modern Orkest). True contemporary musicians – without any musical boundaries, who can’t be put in a box. Tijn Wybenga has been offered the chance to develop in two-year project by BIMHUIS Productions. In every way Wybenga is supported by BIMHUIS Productions to develop his musical language, his artistic leadership, and in putting together and composing for his own orchestra – AM.OK. L O U I S V L O U I S V is the six-headed industrial indie pop band of Loes Haverkort and Floris Verbeij. With catchy theatrical pop they entice and enrapture the listener. Eric Cortons Cortonville  voted them pop/rock talent of 2014. Guus Janssen Trio Since 1992 the trio JanssenGlerumJanssen approaches the traditional jazz piano trio entirely in their own way. Themes, patterns, and swing fall apart to be revamped into something new. A false note appears to be right in a  tightrope of beautiful mistakes that are musically resolved. The trio has performed on festivals all over Europe, China, Russia, and Canada and has recorded two albums, Lighter and Zwik, on the Geestgronden label. ‘Janssen does nothing less than reinvent the piano-trio record with “Zwik”. Glerum and Wim Janssen seem completely in tune with the pianist’s cliffhanger choices, so nothing sounds wayward or merely cute. Brilliant!’ – Penguin Guide to Jazz