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This Amsterdam singer-song rapper writes happy songs that you can hardly react to other than to dance. Benjamin Fro can be described as "smooth like butter", but don't be fooled, because Fro is not afraid of being tough at times.
Benjamin is inspired by rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Logic, Chance the Rapper and Noname and this can be heard in his lyrics. These lyrics carry a lot of criticism towards the contemporary 'act normal' culture in the Netherlands, where it mainly revolves around money. He does this with appropriate positivity and this makes a very attractive artistic identity that many have fallen for.
A song on a Polish hit CD, a viral video of the poem 'Minder Geert' and a song under the documentary 'I Love My Muslim' resulted in 400 thousand streams on Spotify, a sold out show in Paradiso and now a show in Cinetol .