Spark Records

Spark Records is Ilse DeLange's record label: “I think it's great that at this point in my career I can share my experience and use it for young talent. During the 'Spark Sessions' you get to know our talents and they let you hear their songs in their most pure form".

Johanneke Obdeijn of Melkweg: "When Spark Records came up with the idea to give a double concert outside the regular programming in our Melkweg Cinema, I immediately became enthusiastic. It is great to be able to offer a stage to young talent, especially now that the agendas of the pop halls are overcrowded due to all the postponed concerts."


CHELS is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter who transports you to her own universe with her poetic, visual lyrics and enchanting voice. She sings about the world as she would like to see it. With her song 'The Puppet', CHELS makes it clear that she is in control.


23-year-old Jana Mila started writing narrative Americana songs at a young age. She is inspired by her parents' record collection (Johnny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel) and her contemporary heroes (Big Thief, Phoebe Bridgers). She wrote her first single 'When Times Get Rough' when she was 16 and is about supporting in silence, gaining trust and protecting one's vulnerability. With her special voice she knows how to win everyone over.