Alex Simu plays in various ensembles, including the acclaimed Arifa, which sheds new light on music from the Middle East and the Balkan. With his jazz quintet he once again looks eastwards, in particular his native Bucharest. The Rumanian born reeds player plays with jazz musicians from his current residence Amsterdam, all of them remarkable double talents. A pianist picking up the accordion or a drummer playing classical cello: everything is possible in Alex Simu’s quintet. Aside from his own music he regularly composes film soundtracks, often with the help of electronic instruments. ‘The compositions by reds player Alex Simu are breathtakingly beautiful’ (Mixedworldmusic). ‘Undoubtedly virtuosic with an emotional depth you would expect from a veteran like Ivo Papasov’ (de Volkskrant). ‘The soundscape is very special: Alex Simu’s music organically blends in with the moving rocks, buzzing mosquitoes and other, more obscure sounds’ (NRC on the film Beyond Sleep).