Following his release Desire, the album of the year according to Het Parool, Yuri Honing presents his new release Goldbrun. The theme of this album is Europe and heroism. Influenced by the idea of renaissance as well as Germania and visual art, Goldbrun prefaces the extensive Europe exhibition at Museum De Fundatie, where Honing will present an installation together with artist Mariecke van der Linden, in combination with his music. Yuri Honing has collaborated with Pat Metheny, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Charlie Haden, Ibrahim Maalouf and many others. Following his Edison Award-winning collaboration with pianist Paul Bley, he won the most important Dutch jazz award in 2012, the Boy Edgar Prize. True, the opening track of his eponymous album, is counted among the best Dutch jazz compositions by de Volkskrant. ‘One of the most creative and fearless saxophonists of the moment’ (The Times).