Three voices become one in Mudita, in the spirit of the group’s name: the buddhist term for joy in other people’s well-being. In the spirit of the times, these three young offer a restful experience amidst chaos, with the silence of nature as an important source of inspiration. Through improvisation they discover unknown qualities of their instruments, creating a unique atmosphere with each concert. Sanne Rambags uses her voice as an instrument in Mudita, sometimes through lyrics and poetry and often as pure sound, alongside Koen Smits’s trumpet and Sjoerd van Eijck’s piano. With their first album Listen to the Sound of the Forest they won a prestigious Edison Award in 2019, receiving praise in the jury’s report: ‘A simultaneously enchanting and challenging concept album that treads far beyond the boundaries of a safe music landscape.’ For fans of: Susanne Abbuehl, Simin Tander, Mari Boine, Sidsel Endresen BIMHUIS & Corona     Your Saturday Getaway     Je cookie instellingen blokkeren deze content.Pas je instellingen aan om de content alsnog in te laden.