Jo Goes Hunting Orchestra

Festivals such as Best Kept Secret and Down the Rabbit Hole were already popular with Jo Goes Hunting. The band has it all: catchy songs, futuristic beats and polyphonic vocals.

Jimmi Jo Hueting

The mastermind behind the group is singer/drummer Jimmi Jo Hueting, who combines his jazz roots with a penchant for obscure hip-hop, sixties pop and experimental electronica. His rhythms shoot in all directions, but remain danceable. In the studio, Jimmi Jo Hueting plays almost everything himself, as can be heard on his recent album Front Row. For live performances, the Rotterdam drummer is surrounded by a club of versatile musicians. At the BIMHUIS he plays with an extensive band, in which the analog synthesizers and space guitars are supplemented by saxophones and trombone.


Prior to the concert there will be a dance performance in the atrium of the Muziekgebouw, in collaboration with Why Not

20:30: Dance performance Transmotion by dancer Dario Tortorelli, musician Thierry Castel and designer Nicole van de Berg in the Atrium.

21:30: Jo Goes Hunting Orchestra at the BIMHUIS

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