Meeting apparent opposites in a mix of jazz and guitar pop

Teis Semey grew up with both Scandinavian church music and punk, which can still be heard in his music. As a jazz guitarist he developed his own style of improvisation, outside the boundaries of the genre and yet with clear rhythmic, harmonic and melodic tendencies. In his quintet he plays with well-known names from the Amsterdam jazz scene, including drummer Sun-Mi Hong, who has performed several times at the BIMHUIS with her own band.

The Klittens originate from the Amsterdam underground, where they started with music in their own way, without experience. What started as a creative platform for political ideas gradually developed into a quirky pop band. From dark post-punk to danceable indie pop songs, The Klittens like to stay unpredictable. They performed in England with Bull, Tacocat and SASAMI and in the Netherlands with Personal Trainer, Pip Blom and Global Charming.

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