Gypsy jazz and swing manouche

With a musical journey on Sunday evening by multi-instrumentalist Tcha Limberger. The trio of guitar virtuoso Don Vink plays as support act. The trio Parisien has been led for twenty years by guitarist Don Vink, who sets the tone with his virtuoso solos. Guitarist Pascal Theune and bassist Govert Veltkamp provide the characteristic swing with their tight accompaniment.

Tcha Limberger sings, plays violin and guitar and tells the most beautiful anecdotes from his rich musical past. The repertoire of the blind multi-instrumentalist is vast: songs and instrumentals by Django and many other Manouche and Sinti artists, as well as everything the trio can handle, such as Hungarian, Romanian, Transylvanian, Serbian and Greek songs. And songs from the rich family history of the Limbergers.

His father Vivi was a member of the now legendary Waso with Fapy Lafertin and Koen De Cauter. His grandfather, violinist Piotto Limberger, was a contemporary of Django and belonged to the first generation of artists to play his repertoire with a gypsy twist.