Musical theatre performance and living installation

From amino acids and galaxies; to multinational corporations and cancers, humans, bees and slime moulds, everything grows, everything dies and everything is born. In this sense, GROEI is both musical theatre performance and a living installation. Together with actor Ruta van Hoof, four musicians and performers show, hear and feel all kinds of aspects of growth. In five chapters, from evolution to economics, from Cambrian explosion to posthumanism, this installation appears to grow during the performance into an enchanting and impressive living creature.

This is a co-production between Veenfabriek and the musical theatre collective Susies Haarlok, which consists of Harald Austbø (cello, beatbox), Tjalling Schrik (drums), Wessel Schrik (guitar/bass guitar, banjo, electronics), Arthur Wagenaar (keyboards, electronics).

GROEI is a collaboration with the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, which contributes to solutions for global issues related to climate, living environment, food supply and medicines.