Sun-Mi Hong Quintet

South Korean drummer Sun-Mi Hong spent the past 10 years in Amsterdam, where she found her own place in the Dutch jazz scene. This earned Sun-Mi an Edison and a victory in the Dutch Jazz Competition. Meanwhile, Sun-Mi is conquering Europe with her Quintet; the quintet manages to walk the thin line between composition and improvisation in a masterly way. They have now recorded a trilogy of albums, with First Page in 2017, Second Page: A Self-Strewn Portrait from 2020 and Third Page: Resonance from 2022. Tonight in the Koorzaal there is another blank sheet ready to be described by the fascinating Sun Mi Hong Quintet.

Basement Sessions

New in the Choir Hall: the Basement Sessions! Young, sky-storming artists who perform in this intimate space, in the depths of the Concertgebouw. From jazz to singer-songwriter, from soul to (neo)classical. At every concert there is room for surprise and idiosyncrasy.