Five Korean bands in the BIMHUIS

The Netherlands and South Korea have had a good diplomatic relationship for 60 years. This is celebrated, especially because a 60th anniversary, or Hwangap, is very important in Korean culture. In October, for example, Dutch jazz musicians perform at the Jarasum Jazz Festival in South Korea. In the same month, the BIMHUIS will be devoted to Korea Focus for two days, featuring five Korean bands.

Sun-Mi Hong Quintet

The fifth on the program is the Sun-Mi Hong Quintet. Her passion for drums led her down many steep paths and winding roads, but eventually Korean drummer Sun-Mi Hong landed in Amsterdam. In her own compositions we hear catchy melodies and dramatic outbursts, in addition to impressionistic sound patterns and unusual time signatures. In her quintet she works together with international super talents that she has met in the Netherlands.