The following duos will play on the first night:

Maryana Golovchenko & Simone Botasso

Ukrainian singer Maryana Golovchenko has lived in the Netherlands since 2011 and has worked together with Oene van Geel, Sanne Rambags and Spinvis, among others. Her focus is currently on the traditional Ukrainian and Eastern European folk music that she grew up with.

Simone Botasso is a versatile accordionist. He combines his love for Occitan and French folk music with contemporary and electronic compositions, thus being influenced by the past and present.

Jorrit Westerhof & Oscar Jan Hoogland

An explosive combination. Multi-instrumentalist and student of Misha Mengelberg Oscar Jan Hoogland is a key figure in the Amsterdam improv scene and bridge builder, activist and leader of a new generation of improvisers. Jorrit Westerhof is a cheeky guitarist who ranges from explosive live improvisation to thoughtful sounds to create different atmospheres.

Martin Fondse & Romain Bly

Jazz pianist Martin Fondse is a widely acclaimed pianist and composer, with several award-winning albums to his name. He was recently appointed Composer Laureate after he had already won the Boy Edgar Prize in 2017. Romain Bly is a French horn player/trumpet player, currently living in Rotterdam, who has made a name for himself in both the French chamber music on horn and pop/reggae/funk scene on trumpet.

Anton Goudsmit & Louk Boudesteijn

Amsterdam based guitarist and composer Anton Goudsmit is a whirlwind of creativity, able to captivate audiences with his strong groove and unique musical personality. He plays in the New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra together with Louk Boudesteijn - one of the most versatile trombonists in our country. From Di-rect to the Metropole Orkest, he can be heard everywhere. He is currently working on a new project called Bonsai Panda, with Jimmi Hueting, Romain Bly (who can also be heard tonight) and David Kweksilber.