Versatile performer

BIMHUIS visitors know how versatile David Kweksilber is: with his big band he has presented 140 new works by all kinds of composers. As a virtuoso clarinet and saxophone player he also knows his way around every kind of music, from  Mozart to free improv.

He plays in a variety of ensembles, from Asko|Schönberg to New Cool Collective Big Band. Now he will perform with three different bands. Follow a solo introduction he will present the saxophone quartet TUMB with his illustrious colleagues Leo van Oostrom, Peter van Bergen and Michiel van Dijk.

Together with tap dancer Peter Kuit he forms Step On 2, followed by bass guitarist J.B. Bollen’s dance funk band Endender featuring violinist Alison Isadora and drummer Stefan Krüger (Zuco 103), among others. ‘Playing a posh audience and a motley dance crowd on the same night comes natural for the multi-talented David Kweksilber. He is equally at home in both modern music ensmebles and the improv scene’ (NRC Handelsblad).