Hip hop meets classical

Sor, the winner of Maestro 2022, is putting together his own orchestra - the Sorchestra - for a unique performance in the Grote Zaal (Main Hall) of the Concertgebouw. The orchestra and choir for this evening consist of young talent from Codarts Rotterdam. After winning the conducting program with the project, sor wants to bring the world of classical music and the world of hip-hop closer together. He takes his inspiration from the work of composers such as Chopin, Mozart, Debussy, Satie, and especially Beethoven, who, like Sor, had hearing problems.


Rosario Mussendijk (born September 22, 1996), stage name Sor, is a Dutch rapper and producer. Sor is also part of the hip-hop group Black Acid. In 2018 he suffered hearing loss, which forced him to work even more creatively. Sor now looks positively ahead and makes music using synthesizers, a hearing aid and an audio system to feel bass.

For tonight's concert, Sor and conductor and arranger Ronald Kool will put together an orchestra and choir of 53 young musicians from Codarts Rotterdam. With this orchestra, sor wants to bring people together musically and socially. To symbolize the 'classic meets hip-hop' feeling, the styling of the orchestra or orchestra will not be classical, but suits & streetwear.