The Roda de Samba has become a tradition at the BIMHUIS, a musical gathering where everyone is invited to join in the singing, dancing and playing. The host is guitarist Nelson Latif, who has invited musicians from different parts of Brazil. They will perform in various line-ups on several locations in the building, culminating in the performances on the BIMHUIS stage. Program: Opening on the BIMHUIS stage: Nelson Latif (guitar/mandolin), Elizabeth Fadel (piano), Sandro Alves (percussion) Intermission in the foyer: Viviani Godoy (vocals/guitar) Second act on the BIMHUIS stage: Teresa Lopes (vocals) with Gafieira Amsterdam: Pedro Molusco (mandolim), Nelson Latif (7 chords guitar), Alaor Soares (percussion), Edson Gomes (percussion), Sandro Alves (percussion), Rafael Lima (alto sax), Lucas Figueiredo (tenor sax) Closing act in the foyer: Femke Smit (vocals), Breno VirĂ­cimo (guitar/bass)