A gift

Bollen (aka BAZR) wanted to offer his fellow Amsterdammers a gift after these first difficult Corona months. ‘REM’ is also a reaction to the sudden disappearance of the car and plane soundscape. “The abrupt absence of background noise was an enormous relief. Now the city hubbub begins again I am trying to allow the sense of peace to continue through a new sonic experience.

Moving soundscape

The speed at which Bollen bikes determines how his delicate soundscapes will be heard and the bike routes are designed to offer different listening experiences. “How does it feel if I zoom past you with my loudspeakers, or conversely, bike very slowly? What do you hear when I circle around a tranquil square where you are sitting, or when we are stopped beside each other at a traffic light?” For 6 consecutive Saturdays Bollen will offer Amsterdam an unexpected and subtle sonic adventure. REM is supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL.