This year there were no live graduation concerts. The Graduation Jazz Festival offers the jazz alumni of 2020 their well-deserved stage.

This edition featuring: Rebi Zsula Project The repertoire of this Hungarian singer-songwriter is characterized by vocal clarity and authenticity. By combining voice and piano, this young musician finds the balance between vocalist and instrumentalist. In her latest project she aims for a complex sound, full of rhythm and groove.

Thomas Beltsios Quartet This recently formed quartet is a creative outlet for original compositions, in which musicians with diverse characters come together. Contemporary jazz, folk and indie are mixed with improvisation. The result: energetic and compelling!

Bob Hoving Quintet This band has a broad understanding of the concept of jazz. Rock and indie are combined with jazz essentials such as improvisation and interaction. Bob draws inspiration from artists such as Blake Mills, Tom Yorke and Andrew Bird, but also greats such as Kurt Rosenwinkel, John Scofield and Jakob Bro. Together this guarantees a fresh sound.