On 29 august 2020 it is exactly 100 years ago that Charlie Parker was born. The beauty and the genius of his compositions and the virtuosity of his saxophone playing will be celebrated by the New Jazz Orchestra founded by conductor/arranger Henk Meutgeert, featuring star pianist Peter Beets. The soloists are three Dutchmen who excel on alto saxophone, Parker’s preferred instrument; Mo van der Does and Jasper van Damme are members of the orchestra and guest soloist Maarten Hogenhuis is known from various bands, including BRUUT! In his saxophone playing, Charlie Parker connected notes with such fluency that he could sound like a blues singer. His profound knowledge of classical music by composers such as Chopin, Bach and Mozart, as well as Stravinsky, and his Afro-American background blended perfectly in his music. Jazz already included classical, European and African elements, but Parker exceeded his contemporaries much like Bach did in his time; already during his lifetime he was regarded as a genius and visionary. The beauty of his art comes across to this day in his detailed handwritten scores. Henk Meutgeert is known as a dynamic band leader and an energetic arranger. Peter Beets is an acclaimed pianist who can move an entire orchestra with his refined swing. Their long-standing collaboration has proven very fertile. For example, in 2010 they received an Edison Award for Blues for the Date. This album, which was recorded at the BIMHUIS with the Jazz Orchestra of The Concertgebouw, contains compositions by Peter Beets exclusively and was compiled, conducted and arranged by Meutgeert. The album was voted one of the five best large ensemble albums of 2010 by All About Jazz.