A story about resistance and liberation

It is not without reason that composer/musician Patricio Wang (Chile, 1952) calls himself a 'refugee in duplicate'. After General Pinochet's coup on 9/11/1973 he was banned because of his 'dangerous' crossovers of traditional Andean music (andino) with classical music and pop (Beatles covers). Wang fled to the Netherlands. 

As a student of Louis Andriessen, he developed into a versatile composer/guitarist who created a furore in avant-garde ensembles (De Volharding, Hoketus) and andino formations (Amankay, Quilapayùn). His melancholic compositions also leave their mark on film, dance and theatre. He recognises a kindred spirit in writer Marja Vuijsje. She described her family's story in 'Ons kamp. Een meer Joodse geschiedenis' (Our camp. A more or less Jewish history) and also maintained close connections with Chile.Together they present a moving musical story about resistance and liberation.