After Dans Dans, Flying Horseman and a couple of solo projects, Ottla is the new outlet for guitarist Bert Dockx. With Ottla he reconnects to the Brussels jazz and improv underground of which he was part in the 2000s. The band has a unique line-up (besides the guitar two drummers, double bass, saxophones, electronics) and plays a unique stylistic mix. It flows, grooves, rocks and swings, scours and alleviates. It’s compelling, imaginative, surprising and lyrical. Often playful, sometimes mysterious or deeply melancholic and occasionally cheeky. The band’s sound is defined by the eccentric character of each group member and by the exciting interaction between the musicians. At the same time the band leader always leaves his indelible mark. ‘Bert Dockx plays as if he’s possessed, but always with the reins firmly in his own hands’ (3voor12).