Afternoon concert and movie

Noah Preminger is an adventurer, both on stage and in everyday life; In addition to being a saxophonist, he is a long-time boxer and also enjoys skydiving, skiing, golf and table tennis.

Improvising for a live audience is a venture for him, but also an outlet: 'All my music is about emotion', according to the jazz musician from New York, who performs with his quartet at the BIMHUIS.

Recently Noah Preminger made the album Preminger Plays Preminger , with music from (and inspired by) the films of Otto Preminger , his distant relative. This highly regarded director has collaborated with equally legendary composers. For example, the jazz soundtrack for Preminger's crime film Anatomy of a Murder (1959) was created by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn. Ellington even plays a small part in the film.

As a result of this afternoon concert in the BIMHUIS, Anatomy of a Murder will be screened in the evening in the Eye Film Museum.

Check the BIM program for more information about the concert. Visit the Eye website for more info about the film.