The first double concert

With ESINAM, the band around the Brussels multi-instrumentalist Esinam Dogbatse opens. ESINAM strikes a balance between acoustic and electronic, with pulsating beats and samples, energetic flute playing and seductive melody lines.

NΔBOU is the band of trombonist Nabou Claerhout, with which she shapes her kaleidoscopic musical universe. That sounds lush and atmospheric on the one hand, and driven by strong rhythms and grooves on the other. In her band, Nabou surrounds herself with her favorite musicians: Roeland Celis on electric guitar, Trui Amerlinck on double bass and Mathias Vercammen on drums.

About Flemish Culture House de Brakke Grond

More about Flemish Culture House de Brakke Grond Since 1981, De Brakke Grond has been the expert in the Netherlands for current innovative Flemish performing arts, visual arts and music.

As a podium and network organization, de Brakke Grond initiates and realizes programs and collaborations in the building on the Nes in Amsterdam and at other locations in the Netherlands. De Brakke Grond supports Flemish artists who are pushing boundaries in building a sustainable practice in the Netherlands.