A natural talent has landed in Amsterdam: 21 year-old Palestinian singer Nai Barghouti has previously performed for sold-out venues in, among others, Egypt, Lebanon and Kuwait, and at a very young age she already managed to convince audiences with her interpretation of Arabic songs. Critics have called her a ‘classical diva’ and have compared her to legendary singer Umm Kulthum. She has developed hgerself as a flautist and composer as well, and currently she studies the relation between Arabic singing and jazz, at Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest is an ensemble dedicated to Arabic Andalusian music, which connects various Mediterranean countries. Since 2011 young musicians from Amsterdam and Morocco form the orchestra, which could be heard in a variety of theaters in The Netherlands and Morocco. Three repertorys are included: the classical tarab, the more folkish chaabi andalusi and the mystical sufi andalusi, alongside crossovers with other Andalusian genres such as malhoun and flamenco. The orchestra has previously collaborated with renowned musicians such as Karima el Fillali (vocals), Rafael Domingo (flamenco guitar) and Tony Overwater (double bass). Critics have praised the recent performance Ziel/Rouh by Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest and dance company ICKamsterdam. De Volkskrant has called it beautiful and soul-stirring, while Theaterkrant described is as energy-boosting.