Ethiopian-born singer Minyeshu Kifle presents her new album Daa Dee. In the Ethiopian language, Amharic, this is the sound that mothers make to encourage their child to make its first steps: daa-dee-daa-dee … Minyeshu incorporates themes such as love, women and the joy of living in a colorful mosaic of ballads and dance songs to which you cannot sit still. It’s ‘life affirming music’, according to Minyeshu herself. Minyeshu was born in Dire Dawa in eastern Ethiopia. At a young age she moved from the village to the nation’s capital Addis Ababa. At age 17 she started her career at the renowned Ethiopian National Theatre, where she developed her talents as a singer, actress, dancer and choreographer. Minyeshu’s heart lies with music. In 1996 she moved to The Netherlands and since then she has performed with, among others, Stefan Kruger and Stefan Schmid (Zuco 103), Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Metropole Orchestra and New Cool Collective. She’s also a well-known artist abroad, performing with such artists as Mulatu Astatke, Salif Keita, Youssou N’Dour, Angelique Kidjo and Baaba Maal. ‘Even without understanding Amharic, her emotion is clearly understood, as is her expression of identity. She has a unique story to be sure– an Ethiopian singer, living in The Netherlands, displaying Michael Jackson dance moves– and her music is just as original as that story. (..) Minyeshu proves that she is an artist of great depth’ (