Special performance of Händel's oratorio

This performance of Georg Friedrich Händel's famous oratorio from 1741 is completely non-conformist, but with great respect for the original composition and completely in accordance with Handel's own working method. Because with an instrumentation and sound concept in mind, this versatile baroque composer liked to be inspired by the craftsmanship and expression of the soloists. He also often rewrote his own work when the performance required it and was open to change, new ideas and styles.

Boi Akih

As a world jazz collective, Boi Akih makes its own way through this masterpiece with a personal music idiom and in an unusual line-up. The idiosyncratic combination of the different stringed instruments forms a wonderful whole, on which Akihary's flexible and warm voice provides the classical lyrics with new eloquence.

With: Monica Akihary (vocals), Niels Brouwer (guitar), Sekou Dioubaté (kora), Saskia Meijs (viola)