Ud player and composer Mehmet Polat brings excellent jazz musicians together in a new band and thus forges, with instruments coming from different traditions, an innovative sound. The band leader’s own compositions are colored by bold improvisations and grooves. This year the first album Quantum Leap was released, with a guest role for Eric Vloeimans. Mehmet Polat, born in Istanbul and living in Amsterdam, is internationally recognized as the innovator of the ud, the Arabic lute. He increased the range of the instrument by adding two bass strings and developed a special technique for the left hand. With its roots firmly in Anatolian folk music and Ottoman classical music, Polat explores styles and traditions from all over the world in his compositions. “Of course his Turkish background plays a major role, but Polat never wanted to limit himself to that. His music reaches out to all corners of the world. Turkish music, Spanish flamenco, the music of the Balkans, western jazz, the music of India: it all falls in a completely natural place for him “(Turn around your ears).