Luc Ex, originally the bass player for The Ex, has been bringing together forward-thinking musicians from all over the world for years, in various bands. Luc Ex’ Assemblée features an absolute all-star cast. Luc’s own version of a jazz quartet which underlines his background in alternative rock and noise. Luc has composed music for a masterfully improvising band. London-based saxophonist Rachel Musson, appreciated for her ‘superior out sounds’ (JazzWise), has collaborated with known British improvisers such as Mark Sanders and John Edwards. For over 30 years reeds player Ab Baars has been a pillar for the Dutch improvised music scene, for example as a composing member of ICP Orchestra. Chicago-based Hamid Drake is seen as one of the most important innovative drummers of our time. He has previously collaborated with among others Don Cherry, David Murray and Pharoah Sanders. ‘A typical Luc Ex-bassline can be concise and condensed like a haiku poem, and at the same time full of character and melancholy. Through repetition this bassline can become an announcement for impending doom, emphasized by Luc Ex’s treatment of his instrument, bashing the wood in a compelling, physical way almost like good modern dance’ (de Volkskrant).