Lotz of Music is led by Mark Alban Lotz, who has been called ‘Lord of the Flutes’. Based in the Netherlands he has built an international reputation as a jazz flautist open for influences from India, West-Africa and Cuba and from soundtracks, dance and electronica. In Lotz of Music he plays with equally open-minded musicians, in a chamber-like setting: Jörg Brinkmann on cello and effects, Albert van Veenendaal on prepared piano and Alan Purves on the most bizarre percussion instruments. Their gigs with renowned Swiss clarinet player Claudio Puntin are unparalleled. Today they present the new album Live at JazzCase. An adventure for the ears as well as the eyes, with spectacular improvisations. Mark Album Lotz travels the world to immerse himself in music of various cultures. In his compositions he combines the aesthetics and techniques of contemporary and classical music with the virility of jazz. Alongside renowned musicians he has collaborated with many well-known Dutch jazz musicians as well as international jazz heroes such as Don Byron and Chris Potter. ‘Five free spirits in an exciting encounter. Surprising, compulsive, visionary’ (Draai Om Je Oren). ‘Arguably this is one of Lotz’ finest’ (Cadence on the album Live at JazzCase by Lotz of Music). ‘Chamber-music with danceability’ (All About Jazz).