Dutch viola player Oene van Geel has previously collaborated with Scottish flute, saxophone and bagpipes player Fraser Fifield. For their new ensemble Lo-Landers they have each brought in two musicians. The result is a fascinating group that fuses instruments from jazz, classical music, Scottish folk and Indian raga. The music sounds melodic and melancholic on the one hand and cool and innovative on the other, ditching all preconceptions about folk and chamber music. Multi-instrumentalist Fraser Fifield does not limit himself to Scottish music; he has traveled the globe with Indian master Zakir Hussain and has collaborated with famous tango musicians in Buenos Aires. For Lo-Landers he has selected Scottish based musicians Graeme Stephen on guitar and Hardeep Deerhe on table. Oene van Geel made name as a viola player and composer in the Zapp4 string quartet and as an improvising musician in many other ensembles including Estafest. For Lo-Landers he selected bassist Mark Haanstra and percussionist Udo Demandt. Several of these musicians have performed together at the BIMHUIS as The Nordanians, at the ceremony of the Buma Boy Edgar Prize 2013, which was awarded to Oene van Geel. ‘There was groove a plenty from the Lo-Landers. No matter whose composition was on the music stand, these experienced hands could mine a riff for what it’s worth’ (The Herald of Scotland).