The trios in this double concert have a lot in common: both delve into Arabic traditions, while touching the hearts of Western listeners. But there are contrasts as well. The first set features the trio of Kudsi Erguner, virtuoso of the ney (the Arabic reed flute) and ambassador of Ottoman classical and sufi traditions. After him, the AVA Trio will blend traditional and contemporary influences. Kudsi Erguner, one of the foremost nay players of our times, is particularly famed for his activities helping to introduce Ottoman and sufi music to the world. The Turkish maestro has revived nearly forgotten traditions, bringing them to the attention of new audiences. To international acclaim: several years ago he was appointed UNESCO Artist for Peace. In his trio he plays with his son Selman, whose electric guitar conjures up traditional stringed instruments. Three musicians originating from countries around the Mediterranean Sea form the AVA Trio. From their current home base of Amsterdam they guide their listeners alongside various Mediterranean and Arabic traditions, with the approach of a contemporary jazz band. Giuseppe Doronzo’s baritone sax provides warmth to the deep bass lines of Esat Ekincioglu and the driving percussion of Pino Basile. Tonight the trio presents its new album Digging The Sand. ‘The combination of jazz saxophone and playful eastern folk rhythms is absolutely captivating and keeps the listener on his toes’ (JazzHalo).