It’s all about Kologo Power, raw, danceable music from Ghana mixing bouncy beats with contemporary Ghanian stories, often sung in English. The genre is named after the string instrument kologo, the African shepherd’s lute, and was pioneered by influential singer and kologo player King Ayisoba. His performance will be preceded by shorter appearances by singer-songwriters Ayuune Sule and Atamino, vocal group Zenabu and the band Agongo. Headliner King Ayisoba is a star in Ghana. In the West his most danceable songs have been featured on dance compilations and club mixes. The singer grew up as a shepherd boy. He moved to the city where he discovered hiplife, the popular mixture between highlife and hip-hop. His music became more accessible, but his raw voice remembers his origins, like his traditional playing on the two-stringed kologo. In Ghana he scored hits and won important awards. In The Netherlands he’s supported by Zea aka Arnold de Boer of The Ex, who has released various King Ayisoba albums. This weekend there’s more live music from Ghana in Amsterdam, in relation to this concert: the Ghanian afternoon Frafra Power at Lola Luid and a concert by Zea & Oscar Jan Hoogland plus Ghanaian guests at De Ruimte. Organizer Arnold de Boer will also give a solo benefit gig at De Ruimte. ‘His hypnotizing plucking sound transports you from the Ghanaian danced clubs tot the rural north of the country’ (NRC).