Saxophonist Kika Sprangers (1994) presents her new album Human Traits. A series of personal portraits, musically interpreted by her Large Ensemble. The tension between interconnectedness and removal is an important theme. “You can connect with anyone else, as long as you dare to look at him,” thus the saxophonist and composer. Kika Sprangers touches everyone with her compelling compositions full of melancholy and generous harmonies, often backed by solid grooves. Her saxophone playing is strongly influenced by singers, as she explained to Jazzism: “Singing is the most direct form of expression for me; the voice itself has a kind of vulnerability and I try to incorporate it into my saxophone game. ” Previously she played at BIMHUIS as a young talent during Young VIPS tour with her quintet. She also collaborated with the Metropole Orchestra and Boy Edgar Prize winner Martin Fondse, among others. Now she performs with her Large Ensemble, with vocalists Anna Serierse, Marit van der Lei and Sanne Rambags and a unique wind section with bass clarinet, horn, trumpet and flute.