These are the three young bands who will present their new albums: Larchey Zore Quartet (Charley Rose, alto sax, Matiss Cudars electric guitar, Wilfried Wilde bass guitar, Tancre´de D. Kummer drums); Spoken+2 (Sanne Huijbregts, vocals, loopstation, glockenspiel, Matthias van den Brande tenor sax, Stephanie Francke alto and soprano sax, Wietse Voermans alto sax, Ruben Verbruggen baritone sax, Friso van Wijck drums); Molino (Oliver Emmitt trombone, zang, Axel Schappert tuba, Alistair Payne trumpet, Linus Kleinlosen sax, Matthias Ingiberg Sigurðsson clarinet, electronics, George Hadow drums).

In addition to these presentations of the 2017 edition of The Records, this year’s winners will revealed. They will be selected from eight finalists who have performed for a jury earlier in the day at the Amsterdam Blue Note hall of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. These finalists have been selected from an open call for jazz alumni of the Dutch conservatories. Keep an Eye – The Records is a project of the Keep an Eye Foundation.

The Keep an Eye Foundation collaborates with art schools in The Netherlands and beyond. This private organization is aimed at helping young artists and musicians at the start of their career. With Keep an Eye – The Records, the foundation aims to support a number of CD productions of beginner bands every year.