Singer and actor João Sabiá and his band Roda Fina prove that bossanova still matters for the new generation of Brazilian musicians. Soul and jazz are important influences for this singer-songwriter who grew up in the Copacabana neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, birthplace of the bossanova and an important location for the subsequent MPB (Música Popular Brasileira). Brazilian Music Series celebrates 60 years of Bossanova! The successful concert series is dedicated to the blend of samba and jazz that has become synonymous with Brazilian music all over the world. Since the release of Chega De Saudade (No More Blues), the groundbreaking album by João Gilberto, the bossanova has branched out into many directions. i.c.w. A Hora do Brasil Foundation Brazilian Music Series 2018, program: Sat 21 April: WANDA SÁ (CLASSIC BOSSA) Fr 25 May: JOÃO SABIÁ & RODA FINA (NOVA BOSSA) Fr 22 June: BOSSA JAZZ RODA DE SAMBA (OUTROS BOSSAS) The Brazilian Music Series passepartout (€59, you save €14) gives entry to all three concerts.