Brazilian singer-songwriter João Bosco achieved legendary status in his home country, but also at the BIMHUIS; during earlier performances the audience was captivated with his unique, hypnotizing music. Bosco wrote unforgettable songs for Elis Regina in the 1970s, when Brazilian pop music suffered from censorship due to the military dictatorship of the time. His song ‘O Bêbado e a Equilibrista’, as performed by Regina, became a national protest song. In his dazzling improvisations he combines samba, bossa nova, rock and jazz. ‘Two centuries of his country’s rhythms flow through the fingers of João Bosco, one of Brazil’s most fabled guitarists, singers and composers. Now 70, he can stir up a whirlwind of speed and agility, breezing through tricky meters, harmonies and beats from all over Brazil’ (New York Times in 2017).