An imaginative sound

Jef Neve has a need for mystery, especially in an age of omnipresent data: ‘Searching for truthfulness has a certain power, a childlike glee of encountering something you don’t understand,’ says the pianist, whose album Mysterium will be released this spring. With this new music he immerses the listener in an imaginative sound world.

The seven-piece band features Dutch trumpeter Teus Nobel and Danish double bassist Jasper Høiby (Phronesis). ‘For the instrumentation I was inspired by the massive sound of three tenor saxophones, which can sound either aggressive or soothing, improvised or classical. To this I add trumpet and bass trombone, two ends of the brass spectrum. The structure of the compositions are based on double bass and piano, two very familiar instruments for me.

Pianist Jef Neve has made name so quickly that he’s already mentioned in the same breath as his world famous compatriots in jazz, harmonica player Toots Thielemans and guitarist Philip Catherine. Neve knows how to write lush melodies that gradually open up all the way. Actually all of his compositions are full of bombastic eruptions, but there are quiet moments with small improvisations as well. Jazz and classical music are equal values for the pianist’ (NRC Handelsblad).