English electronic music pioneer James Holden and Polish clarinet player Waclaw Zimpel share a love for synthesizers, electronics and transcendental music from various cultures. Their upcoming Long Weekend EP, which will be released on the 6th of March on Holden’s label Border Community, was recorded during four days of intense collaboration in Holden’s Sacred Walls studio in London. The sounds of Holden’s modular synth and Zimpel’s expressive clarinet sound are supported on the record with organ, voice, percussion and guitar, with an immersive, krautrock-like result. Holden and Zimpel have different backgrounds, one as an influential (ex-)DJ with a worldwide following and the other as a classically trained clarinet player. But they have a lot of common ground as well: both have dived deep into in the rich Gnawa music of Morocco. And as Holden was flirting with jazz improvisation by drafting in a raft of brass and woodwind soloists for the live takes of his 2017 album The Animal Spirits, the hypnotic loops and arpeggios of the electronic world were calling to Zimpel, who collaborated with electronic experimentalists Shackleton and Rabih Beaini. The collaboration of the two will bring a musical transcendental trip.