Danish guitarist Jakob Bro has been counted among the ‘Coolest Things in Jazz Today’ in leading magazine Downbeat. His spatial sound form the basis for this trio featuring bassist Thomas Morgan and drummer Joey Baron, a key figure in the New York downtown scene. The threesome earned rave reviews with their recent live album Bay of Rainbows on the renowned ECM label. Jakob Bro has played in the bands of Paul Motian and Tomasz Stanko, and on his own albums he has already worked Lee Konitz and Bill Frisell, among others. Jakob’s multi-layered playing has already caught the attention of famous fellow guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel. ‘Trying to put your finger on Jakob Bro’s guitar style can be like trying to describe the essence of air. Without resorting to six-string acrobatics, Bro somehow transforms his minimalist turns into weighty, emotionally charged musical statements. He’s joined by the same hypersensitive players—the bassist Thomas Morgan and the drummer Joey Baron—who interact with him on the recent live album “Bay of Rainbows’ (The New Yorker). ‘About halfway through “Mild,” Jakob Bro’s thick-plumed electric guitar playing starts to surround itself. Through delay pedals and atmospheric effects, his lone plucks echo and hang in the air, merging with Thomas Morgan’s tawny acoustic bass and Joey Baron’s lightly ricocheting cymbals. Added to an otherwise pristine delivery, the cloudy interference forces you to work a little harder at sorting and making sense of all this casual beauty’ (New York Times). ‘Bro’s clouds of sound touch states of being that music rarely reaches’ (Jazz Times).