Since 1985 saxophonist Bo van de Graaf presents with I Compani special performances combining jazz, opera and vaudeville with film, dance and theater. The 35th anniversary coincides with the 100th birth year of film director Federico Fellini (La dolce vita), who has been the subject of previous I Compani- performances. On this special occasion the ensemble presents a colorful festival concert in three parts, with no less than 16 musicians and a VJ. The new Artis Orkest will perform animal-themed compositions by Guus Janssen, Misha Mengelberg and Bo van de Graaff, saxophonist and band leader of I Compani. The following suite Maar Nooit Vergeten (but never forget) refers to the turbulent 1970s and 80s: melancholy sounds mixed with confrontational jazz and protest songs. A large share of the evening is reserved for FelliniAmo Extended, with film music composed by Nino Rota for Federico Fellini, one of the most important Italian post-war directors. Rota’s classic melodies will be illustrated with images and text. Additionally there will be music by Fellini’s other composer Nicola Piovani and even an aria by Verdi, a favorite of the film director.