HARALD AUSTBØ QUARTET Cellist Harald Austbø is spotted more and more often in various impro and jazz enssembles. No surprise there: he is an extremely creative and original player and singer. The only thing missing was his own ensemble. The Cello Biennale encouraged him to form his own band, and to create a programme for CELLOFEST. Looking at the musicians Harald has brought together, we can expect this to be good, if not great. ECCE CELLO Spanish video and performance artist, dancer, cellist, inventor, singer, and composer David Fernandez presents Ecce Cello, a project born out of years of experimenting with the cello, sound and video techniques, and trying out for audiences. In his home city Berlin, he has a following of a select hipster audience. This is his first time performing in the Netherlands. For this Biennale, Fernandez created a video mapping installation, The Power of the Cello, which will be presented during the Biennale.