The Mundus Quartet plays red blooded music from different corners of the world. Their music and instruments are as diverse as their own background. These four virtuoso musicians meet at the crossroads of the Old and the New World. They play and mix music from the Silk Road, the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Brazil into colorful soundscapes and drag you along with their fast percussion and dizzying rhythmic barrage. TIP: Before the concert, participate in the SoundLAB Groove workshop in which the grooves are already forged. 13.00 – 14.00 / Atrium room Muziekgebouw In the concert series Groove Beest you meet real stage animals. Not only do you see and hear them, but you also feel them: no matter how old you are, their beastly grooves will shake you op. Sitting still is no longer an option. So don’t hold back – nothing is weird. Sing, dance and rap with MC Groove Beast and let the beast in you get out! Get up & move to the groove! Get stuck in the groove with this Groove Beest playlist! Je cookie instellingen blokkeren deze content.Pas je instellingen aan om de content alsnog in te laden.